Triskel Inc

Loic Barbou

Founder and Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director at Triskel, Loic has nearly two decades of experience in software design, development, and enterprise architecture. He applies his combined business and technology expertise to lead the design and development of Triskel's award winning professional services and products. His forward thinking and innovative concepts are well recognized in the industry. He is currently leading a global group of vendors and media organizations in the creation of media standards. Loic is a frequent speaker at global conferences, seminars, and training sessions.

He studied Computer Engineering, at the University of Rouen and Lannion, in France.

Gaurav Bhasin

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

As Triskel’s Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Gaurav Bhasin has over sixteen years of experience, with software, in a myriad of industries. Bhasin has a strong track record, execution excellence and improved efficiency, while also increasing customer satisfaction. His idea of simple solutions has enabled Triskel’s clients to easily integrate their product suites. Bhasin also heads client relationships that are also paramount to Triskel.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, from PolyTechnic University, in Brooklyn, New York.

Sep 2014

Chair for FIMS Automated Metadata Extraction Project

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Oct 2013

Chairman of FIMS Technical Board

Loic Barbou named chairman of FIMS Technical Board Learn more.
Sep 2015

Triskel at IBC 2015

Presentation at EBU Village (stand 10.F20) Learn more.
Apr 2015

Triskel at NAB 2015

Presentation at the FIMS Booth N9225/N9325 Learn more.