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The same old method doesn't work anymore.

The current media landscape shows a constant increase in the rate of change of technology for media consumption and production, along with increasing user expectations and proliferation of delivery platforms and formats. Business models need to be easily adaptable to sustain the change and support content creativity and technical innovation. Integrated supply chain processes must be put in place for generating and handling large quantities of video and audio in different formats to suit the requirements of different regulatory environments, regional and cultural audiences, and a diverse grouping of distribution platforms.

The flexibility to support operations involving heterogeneous video, audio, and metadata formats cannot be provided by the traditional approach based on vertical silos. Conventional platforms are designed to accomplish a well-defined, specific task and few efforts are devoted to open it to the external world.

Repetitive operations in media like transcoding, quality check, and ingestion need to be phased out and consistently updated throughout the supply chain in order to respond, in real time, to the user’s demand without disrupting the existing system design and usability.

Future platforms must suit a swift business environment, using low-cost, commoditized IT technology where possible. It must also allow for seamless additions and adaptations of new services to facilitate a low “cost of entry” into new revenue areas. They must be easily scalable and able to quickly redeploy assets to the most successful and profitable environments to ensure efficient use of technical resources.

Our distinctive strategy

The Triskel Team has been on the forefront of assisting media organizations in transitioning from a more traditional infrastructure to an open, more optimized media platform. Too often we have heard from our customers that doing the “right thing” is too complex and requires too much time. Taking incremental steps, without disturbing the organization’s ecosystem, has been a successful approach. The repeatable pattern provides an increase in productivity and better infrastructure monetization by using data standardization and service operation abstractions.

Triskel’s consulting service group has built a strong reputation by delivering state of the art systems for large media organizations. Triskel's approach has allowed organizations to be more productive in utilizing system’s integration, as well as, producing and distributing content. The "keep it simple" approach has led to a superior experience for the user. It has also aided production support so that they are more empowered and proactive within organizations.

Our involvement ranges from defining technology roadmaps by assisting C- level executives to design and implement world-class media solutions. We have been recognized as the pioneer for our innovations that have led to the creation of industry standards. Our radical approach for system’s integration and media asset representation has been the foundation for the FIMS standard.

Sep 2014

Chair for FIMS Automated Metadata Extraction Project

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Oct 2013

Chairman of FIMS Technical Board

Loic Barbou named chairman of FIMS Technical Board Learn more.
Sep 2015

Triskel at IBC 2015

Presentation at EBU Village (stand 10.F20) Learn more.
Apr 2015

Triskel at NAB 2015

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