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Media products are changing! In a large vendor eco-system, the hardwire "configure once" concept is not a viable solution anymore. Updating and replacing the internal components of the black box is often required to meet new business objectives. In most cases, this is an extremely difficult, almost impossible task.

Our concept is quite different. We promote the ability to incorporate the optimal product for each step of content production and distribution workflow. The plug and play approach enables changes and notably reduces time to market for new initiatives.

Every customer has specific needs, but all of them share some basic requirements. All custom solutions need to be:

  • Scalable
  • Easily upgradeable
  • Maintainable
  • Simple to implement and configure
  • Financially viable

Our R&D group has designed a variety of components and applications with the following clear goals in mind:

  1. To provide the highest value and benefits to our clients.
  2. Each product is independent but can also be stacked together to create a complete platform.
  3. The FIMS standard has been heavily utilized to create the plug and play components as it provides the interoperability needed for media service abstraction. It is also built on the same SOA principles as our core architecture.

The list of products are divided into several categories listed below:

Triskel FIMS Universal Adapters

Triskel FIMS Universal adapters allow for quick adoption of FIMS for any system used within the existing media production/distribution environment. This goes towards building an in-house solution that starts to decode the black box and implement a plug and play model.

  • Job management and core operations
  • Transfer
  • Transform
  • Repository

Triskel FIMS Media Product Adapters

  • Signiant
  • Telestream Vantage and Filp Factory
  • Akamai NetStorage
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder
  • EMC Isilon Storage
  • Elemental Server
  • Grass Valley K2
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

Triskel FIMS Service

  • LAN Transfer
  • IT storage repository
  • Media Metadata Extraction (leverage QA interface under development)
  • Content Packager (leverage transform interface)

Our products by interface type

Triskel MediaWorkflow Engine

The Triskel FIMS Media Workflow Engine was fully developed for the needs of the media industry. Therefore, it can be easily implemented to orchestrate FIMS services by providing the media specific workflow activities and an engine supporting long running media transactions.

  • Multi-Host Workflow Engine
  • FIMS Activities Modeling Toolbox

Sep 2014

Chair for FIMS Automated Metadata Extraction Project

Gaurav Bhasin named as the chair of FIMS Automated Metadata Extraction Project Learn more.
Oct 2013

Chairman of FIMS Technical Board

Loic Barbou named chairman of FIMS Technical Board Learn more.
Sep 2015

Triskel at IBC 2015

Presentation at EBU Village (stand 10.F20) Learn more.
Apr 2015

Triskel at NAB 2015

Presentation at the FIMS Booth N9225/N9325 Learn more.