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Media organizations have often recognized Triskel as the “experts” for media system platform integration and implementation. We have also established a strong reputation amongst the media vendors for our proficiency in defining long lasting, flexible and maintainable interfaces. Media products are often falling short in the API category. Our staff can quickly expose a media product by creating the best of breed interfaces.

Being the largest contributor to FIMS interface design has allowed us to become very familiar with many vendor proprietary APIs. This expertise has been leveraged to create a universal adapter for FIMS interface compliance.

The adoption of our adapter has enabled vendors to conform to the FIMS interface by reducing implementation cost and time. The adapter can be embedded as an OEM component of the product itself or as a stand-alone service. Vendors with FIMS compliant products have a distinct advantage positioning their offering when approaching media organizations. The media space is changing, and media organizations are realizing the advantages of FIMS interfaces. By leveraging our FIMS expertise, vendors are able to focus on their core competency without having to worry about how to make their products FIMS compliant.

Universal Translator

  • Leverage proven industry interface concepts to design scalable and maintainable API.
  • Leverage a standard interface across media services.
  • Define a common representation for media objects.
  • API definition and design best practices.

Our expertise across several industries and our deep knowledge of FIMS allows the Triskel team to help our customers make the best decision for interface design.

Please contact Triskel for a free evaluation of your API and possible assessment of FIMS interface compliance.

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